Use Parental Controls in Windows Vista

Today, the Internet poses a challenge to many parents across the globe. With harmful effects overseeding the benefits, people are more concerned in protecting their children from the evil effects of the web. Here we give you some step by step workshop on how to use the “parental control” feature in Windows Vista:

Creating an Account: Before setting parental controls, you would have to create multiple accounts in Windows so as to enforce parental controls. To create an account, click on “start -> settings and then “control panel”. Double click the “parental controls” option. Click the “create a new user account” link at the bottom of the window. Enter a username for the account and click on the “create account” button. Click the “on, enforce current settings” radio button. Go right ahead, and monitor your kiddies.

Restricting Websites: Once you have created a new user account, you can restrict certain websites from being viewed on your computer. By manipulation the Windows Vista web filter options you would be able to do so. Run Vista parental controls from the control link. click on the block some websites or content radio button. Click the “edit and allow and black list” link. In the website address box, enter the website4 name for the site to be blocked. Click the “block” button and then “OK”.

Setting Time limits: Setting time limits for an account restricts the user of that account from accessing the computer as per the manipulated options. You can block the user from accessing the computer for several hours or even an entire day or week. To do so, Run parental controls from the control panel. Click the account you would like to apply restrictions to. Click the “time limit” link. click on the blue box and drag it as required. The table would help you to know what extent you would drag the box. Click “OK”.

Restrict Gaming: Windows Vista allows you to restrict accounts from playing games on the computer. You can also set game ratings, So Windows Vista would automatically block games dependng on the ratings. To block games, Run parental controls from the control panel. Click the Games link. Click the Block or allow specific games link. Windows Vista will detect all games installed on your computer. To block a particular game, select the “always block” radio button next to the appropriate game. Click “OK”.

Restricting applications: Some applications may have several functions, some of which are not to be used by everyone. As an administrator of the computer, Windows Vista allows you to restrict an account from using particular applications or even block the user from using any program on the computer. To do so, run parental controls from the control panel. Click the “Allow or block specific programs” link. Click the “can only use the programs I allow” radio button. Windows detects all installed programs on your computer. Select a particular program that you would like to restrict or click the “Check all” button to select all programs. To browse for a particular program, click the browse button and locate the appropriate application. Click “OK”.

Restricting Downloading: Some freewares on the internet may be malicious. They may contain a virus or a Trojan or some explicit content. You can restrict the user from downloading files from the Internet. To do so, run parental controls from the control panel. Click on the account which you would like to block downloads for. Click on the “vista web filter” link. Select the “Block file downloads” checkbox. Click “OK”.

Monitoring kids activity: You can check the top ten sites visited by the user as well get brief information on the users overall activity. To do so, run parental control from the control panel. click the “view activity reports” link. click the plus sign next to a user account. Click the plus sign next to a category to view its sub-categories. Select a particular sub-category. Windows Vista would display all information about the particular Sub-Category.

Conclusion: Parents should keep their computers in a location that’s easily accessible to them. This will allow them to check what their child is doing on the Internet. Set time lines for the childs use of the internet, if possible, ensure they use it only when you are around. If you children frequently surf the internet, take time out to sit with them, guide and advise them to use it properly.

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