Parental Control Software

Parents and guardians consider the ‘parental control software’ as a great boon since it helps them to restrict the children as to which programs, games and web contents they can use or view. In Windows 7 and Vista’s parental controls, there are special restriction features that the parents can use and they can also set a time limit of when their children are allowed to play web games or use the computer.

OpenDNS is considered as one of the best web filtering software that has features to block young people from visiting unwanted websites on the Internet. Its main feature is that filtering can be done on what types of contents the parents want to block for example, websites with adult themes, social networking, dating, Phishing, file sharing, etc.

In case the built-in parental controls in Windows do not meet the requirements of parents, there are other more advanced software which has many features to their credit. K9 Web protection is a free program for Windows and Mac OS X. This helps parents to restrict the children from using the Internet connection and also to protect the kids from viewing unwanted contents online.

KSS parental controls or the Kid surf safety parental controls has special features to help the parents hold a tight rein on the kids by blocking all that they do not want their children to see online, to schedule the timings of when they want their children to use the Internet and the most important feature of even blocking the software that they should not be using. As this is not a free program, the parents should spend about 40 dollars to buy 3 PC’s.

Net Nanny is parental controls software which can be used by the parents to prevent their children from visiting unsafe sites or viewing adult web contents. The parents can use keywords to disallow the children from entering confidential and important information online such as credit card number, telephone number, postal address, etc. Parents can also block their children from playing PC games, indulging in instant messaging and also in visiting Social networking sites.

In conclusion, these parental controls software is highly beneficial for the parents to hold a tight rein on the surfing habits of their children. It is highly acclaimed and applauded by all the parents alike who have had the good fortune to try out some of these advanced controls software programs.

Parental controls for mobile phones is becoming a nessesity for parents that want to protect their children from mobile phones in todays technology age. Mobile phone parental control apps are now easy to use and anyone wanting to protect their kids can take advantage of this new spy technology to keep their family safe. Any parent can quickly install parental monitoring software and become their own super spy.

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