SniperSpy Parental Control Software Review Sniperspy is a total whole package for parents who would like to monitor and protect their children in a whole discreet way. It is not intended to filter and block websites but to solely monitor your children’s internet and computer activities. You can install and monitor it remotely. No installation hassle is required. You simply need to send a module to the person you want to spy on via any attachment email and it will immediately install by itself and immediately monitor your children. More of its intensive features are:

Screenshots can be set as per interval or frequently. You can check all websites that your children visited in popular web browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It has key log features that can capture your children’s PIN codes and passwords in almost any language. It can capture both sides of any Instant Messaging software. It can record whatever program or game application that your children used. It can record Windows log, Document and File Change Logs. Parents can remotely view and watch LIVE all the screenshots and computer activities of your children. It runs in total stealth mode where it can circumvent any firewalls, antivirus and will not be recognized by any spyware removal program. Can log off, restart and shut down the monitored computer. It can also hide the taskbar and desktop icons as well as freeze the mouse.

SniperSpy can be remotely installed by sending an email with an attachment containing the installation module. It can be secretly attach to any word or other program documents. Once your children run them, it silently installs itself on your home computer and immediately records all computer and internet activities of your children. You can remotely view all the internet activities of your children once it’s installed. All you have to do is to log their website and enter your username and password. It will then allow you to view all activities live as if you are just watching right over their shoulder, launch applications in the web browser of the spied computer and even send messages to your children.

It is so powerful that it can monitor almost everything. Not only can it record what websites your children visited, it can also record what they have attempted to visit on every web browsers like Yahoo or Google. It also has keylogging features that can monitor all passwords and usernames used by your children. It can also record both sides of the conversation of their Instant Messaging accounts.

SniperSpy can check all applications and programs executed and downloaded by your children with or without the use of the internet. Let say, they have a media assignment that needs them to download a recorder and video maker software. SniperSpy can detect what software applications have they downloaded, what day it was downloaded and what time. It can also detect how many times they have used it. Furthermore, it can include reports of how long have they used it and the start time and stop time it was used. Parents can also remotely acquire a copy of each document and desktop saved and even pictures that your kids downloaded or uploaded. It has the capability too to still detect files and documents even after their file names or contents have been changed.

It can not only view these documents or program activities but it has power to also stop and kill such activities. Let say, your child was downloading pornographic video and would like to save it to his hidden folders. You can immediately stop the download. Or if you want to impose an authoritative sense of parenting you can immediately message your child to stop what he/she is doing. You can say “stop what you are doing!” and a small window titled Admin will pop up and display your message. Your children can also reply to the message. This will give a sense of urgency to the child to realize that he is by far safe and is allowed to such activities.

Often than not, most parents are not around to supervise their children. Although SniperSpy does not have Time limit features than other software has, it still has advance features that others do not have, just like shutting down, logging off or restarting the monitored computer. For instance, your away for a trip and is very particular that your children will not use the computer right after pass their bedtime. Once you see that they have sneaked out to use it, you can automatically shut down or log off their computer. You can even play around by freezing their mouse, hide their taskbars and hide their desktop Icons. Your children might just consider sleeping since they cannot use the computer anyways.

Indeed, with its advance features, there is no way your children can escape the wrath of a protective parent. This is one powerful tool to monitor remotely all your children’s computer activities.

Mobile phone parental controls is becoming a nessesity for parents that want to protect their children from mobile phones in todays technology age. Parental control apps are now easy to use and anyone wanting to protect their child can take advantage of this new spy technology to keep their family safe.

Any parent can quickly download mobile phone monitoring software software and become their own private investigator. If you are intersted in learning more about Android parental control software please read through our past posts.We are indeed parental control app experts.

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